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Finally a Doctor Who “Gets It”
“I came to Dr. Jenny because I have Hashimoto’s Disease and also experienced 3 years of infertility. Dr. Jenny’s approach was to identify and treat my autoimmune triggers and get those under control. I can now happily say I am now pregnant and have been seeing Dr. Jenny to maintain a healthy pregnancy. I really feel like she cares about my personal well being. She is great doctor and very compassionate person!”

Outstanding Doctor
“Dr. Sandford provided just what I was looking for: a comprehensive whole person approach to health. He took so much time to listen with care and insight to every detail and explained things with an impressive knowledge of science in terms that I could understand. At the end of each of appointment he provides an excellent summary of what we covered including clearly defined steps to achieve my objectives. It is so refreshing to have a doctor that is interested in working towards my health.”

Anti aging facial is working!

Just started with NA Wellness a few months ago and am very happy with everything. Dr. Sandford is caring and very skilled. He is friendly and really knows his stuff. I feel better than ever. Dr. Sarah Kim is amazing with acupuncture and the anti aging facial is really working!

I could go on but there’s a 500 character limit
“I made my first appointment with Dr. Abercrombie upon being diagnosed with Cervical Dysplasia. Within a few months she helped me to completely reverse my condition. She and her assistant Krysteena are warm, empowering, reliable, informative, and easy to reach. I am bizarrely grateful for my original diagnosis because she has given me the building blocks toward a healthier overall existence. It’s like that old adage: instead of giving you a fish, Dr. Abercrombie teaches you how to fish!”

The best health professional I’ve worked with!
“I came to Dr. Abercrombie after being diagnosed with mild cervical dysplasia. I had never seen that level of care or that amount of time spent with a client in any other doctor’s office. She developed a customized treatment plan based on getting my body well naturally and in a matter of months of working with her, all my test results came back normal without invasive procedures! She is not just looking to mask symptoms, she wants to find the root of the problem and get you well!” 

Health Naturally Restored!
“One of the best decisions I have made for my health. Dr.Sandford helped me heal from ADHD medications that were making me sick. He tailored a regimen that works with my unique needs, and I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been! I am so grateful for Dr. Adam Sandford and staff!!”

“With a long history of failed treatments I came to the Wellness Center with a beaten mindset. Dr. Sandford intently listened to my detailed past of failed treatments and current health problems. After letting me unload everything he described a treatment plan targeting each of the problems I communicated. His plan was very detailed but he explained it perfectly giving me every opportunity to ask questions. Well, after 14 years of hardship I am actually seeing results. Crazy. Thank You.”

Regaining Full Strength For Competition
“I compete in powerlifting events on a national and world level. Three years ago I had a heart operation and it has been a struggle to gain my weight and strength back again so that I can compete. At the beginning of 2014 I visited Naturopathic Wellness Center and asked for help to rebalance my nutrition levels and boost my testosterone levels. Dr. Adam Sandford designed a program of supplements that has helped me to again compete on a world level.”

The best doctor there is!
“Dr. Jenny is as good as it gets! After suffering from severe chronic food and environment allergies, after just two treatments I was more than 50% better. I just wish I would have found her years ago! She is worth much more than she charges. She is a great investment for anyone’s health. She changed my life.”

Receptive, Patient, and Thorough
“Dr. Abercombie truly listens to your personal health story, conducts her examination and thoughtfully creates a plan of healing and wellness for you. She seeks your feedback & will adjust treatment based on your feedback. She truly is concerned with complete wellness and she is careful to advise that her treatments are about enabling the body to function optimally on its own through holistic methods. She makes you feel hopeful about being able to have a perfectly functioning body. ”

“I am always impressed by how Dr. Sandford is so organized and thorough with his thoughts and explanations. It helps immensely that he is so systematic when we are grappling with health issues that are so murky. Dr. Sandford is very responsive to email. He makes us feel like he is personally invested in our recovery, and that my husband is his only patient. It’s the antithesis of what you might expect from a typical doctor’s office.”

Balanced and hopeful
“After seeing countless fertility specialists over the last 11 years, Dr. Jenny has been the only one who has been able to quickly, accurately, and effectively diagnose both my husband and I. Her treatment for us is a combo of supplements, tinctures, and herbs. We are feeling balanced and hopeful for the first time in years.”

Pregnancy relief!

Sarah is the greatest. I never had acupuncture before but I am 12 weeks pregnant and suffering from the worst morning sickness and headaches ever. I am not scared of needles ( I have a bunch of tattoos) but I was nervous. She put me at such ease and asked all the questions related to my pregnancy I didn’t even think of. The next day I felt NORMAL. Like I did before I got pregnant. I was so relieved. I am not one that likes medicine of any kind so I am happy I found a natural alternative.

Best Decision I Have Ever Made For My Health
“I had been having gut and digestive problems for a long time and Dr Sandford helped me get things back in order. What I like the most about working with him is that he emails you regularly to check on you between visits. You can tell he cares about his patients. Also he always keeps himself informed about the latest medical information, treatments and supplements. When I go see a doctor, I like to know I’m getting the best treatment available. I’m glad I found Naturopathic Wellness Center!”

I’d Say More Great Things if I Had More Space!
“I have begun menopause and my body is undergoing changes. I investigated a few holistic doctors and most were VERY costly and do not accept insurance. I found Naturopathic Wellness and decided to try them. It was a fantastic deal and resource. Dr Sandford was knowledgeable, patient and kind. He took time to explain issues and treatments with me. I have researched nutrition and natural cures and I was happy to know that Dr Sandford reinforced many of my findings.”

What would I do without her?
“Dr. Abercrombie is not just an amazing doctor, but a wonderful person. She truly cares about her patients. She has worked to help my stomach pains and she has worked wonders. From answering every one of my calls to calling me to see how everything was. We continue to go in for appointments about twice a month. She uses homeopaths and natural remedies that actually help. Dr. Abercrombie is a miracle worker.”


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