IV Happy Hour Tuesday’s 12-1. Call the office to schedule a nutrient infusion

Injection Happy Hour Thursday’s 12-1. No appointment needed, just walk in for your nutrient injection


Specialized Testing  – Digestive, SIBO, adrenal, thyroid, hormones, cellular nutrition, cardiovascular disease risk, reproductive function, food sensitivities, and more. Read More Here…

Wellness Exams – pediatrics, women, men  Practice preventative health by obtaining a customized nutritional, supplement and lifestyle plan, learn about treatments that restore health. Well women appointments can include your yearly PAP, annual labs, routine female physical, female education, HPV prevention, birth control options or fertility treatments, etc. Pediatric appointments can include well-child checks, child immunity boosting, food sensitivity testing, gut health, and acute concerns such as colds. Gentlemen exams include an annual male-focused visit with gut, cardiovascular and performance exams and treatment recommendations.

Nutrient Infusions and Injection Therapies – IV and nutritional shots Vitamin infusions via IV (intravenous) or IM (intramuscular) shows to be beneficial for a wide variety of common conditions and ailments. Infusions allow us to administer high, concentrated doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other agents to assist with various types of treatments. By bypassing digestion, it bathes the body in nutrients and can act as a jump start to the healing process. Sometimes it is necessary to jumpstart the healing process to give the body enough nutrients to allow it to restore balance.

Regenerative Injection Therapies – Non Surgical Joint Repair Injections aimed at strengthening and stabilizing muscles, ligaments and consequently our joints. It is a recognized orthopedic procedure that can be effective post trauma, for over-use injuries or as a preventative measure. Read More Here…

Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, & Moxibustion Read More Here…

Clinical Nutrition  Nutrition is the cornerstone of health and of our naturopathic practice. Making the right nutritional choices will promote health and treat many medical conditions with fewer side effects and complications. Nutrition can correct low blood sugar drops, halt progression towards diabetes, lower autoimmune flares, provide nourishing and sustainable energy, improve acne, lower heart disease risk, improve focus and cognition, improve sleep, improve moods, balance hormones, and much more. Nutritional guidance is about learning what foods sustain your body and how to incorporate them into your life.

Herbal Medicine Herbs come in many forms. They can be extracted into alcohol to create a tincture, put into powders and created into capsules, or boiled and used for tea. Herbs can be used for their active constituents and isolated properties, and for their energetic properties.

Homeopathy Homeopathy treats symptom expression using minute amounts of natural substances (plant, animal, mineral) to stimulate the body and cellular metabolism to correct its imbalance. These natural substances, if given in larger doses, can create the same symptoms it is chosen to treat. This utilizes the theory that like cures like. It promotes health on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy is, by definition, the use of water for the maintenance of health or the treatment of disease by stimulating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. It was first developed as a therapeutic modality in Western medicine over two centuries ago and has remained a cornerstone of Naturopathic therapeutics. In our practice, we utilize hydrotherapy by alternating hot and cold towels on the torso in conjunction with an electrical sine wave machine that acts as a gentle massage to stimulate circulation and promote natural detoxification.

Mind/Body Medicine Using relaxation techniques and light touch we can encourage positive interactions between mind and body that affect a person emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally, promoting bodily synergy and healing. Specific techniques used include lymphatic massage and craniosacral therapy.

Energetic Bodywork/Massage Read More Here…

Pharmacology We believe that every type of medicine has it’s limitations. Though we practice a least-invasive, natural approach to treatment, our doctors can and do occasionally write pharmaceutical prescriptions including thyroid medications, birth control, antibiotics, bioidentical hormone compounds, and others.