Dr. Jennifer Abercrombie, ND
is devoted to helping you achieve and maintain health through a comprehensive approach that integrates the best of modern medical science with naturopathic medical philosophy and treatment. While she maintains a general practice with focuses in women’s health, fertility, auto-immune disease, and thyroid dysfunction, her real passion is to help mothers find their mama mojo. 
Dr. Jenny helps moms navigate the journey of how to re-balance and re-new. She focus on therapeutics that nature and heal the body, to assist in restoring strength and physiological balance. A stronger you makes a stronger mother, partner, and role model.

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Dr. Adam Sandford, ND
provides science informed wellness, acute and chronic care for patients of all ages. His practice also has a special emphasis on thyroid and bioidentical hormone replacement, men and women’s sexual and reproductive support, as well as advanced treatments for SIBO (IBS), Parkinson’s Disease, fibromyalgia, Lyme and chronic fatigue.  His approach towards medicine is that all medical tools are valid and have their place, whether he is prescribing diet or drugs, exercise or surgery – the art of medicine for the Naturopathic Medical Doctor is working with each patient to help select the approach that is most right for them, for who they are today and who they want to be tomorrow. Read Full Bio…

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Dr. Lisa Lavoie, ND

uses her 13 years in medical practice to help her patients find drugless solutions to chronic conditions that have not responded to more western approaches to healthcare. Understanding that there is zero mystery to how the body gets sick, and to how it gets well allows her to untangle the most confusing and debilitating health situations to target the root cause of dysfunction — giving the body the opportunity to self-correct and find its happy place. With her almost magical insight, medical knowledge… and a good dose of humor — she engages and empowers her patients to be the most important member of their own self-care team. Her areas of passionate expertise include depression, eating disorders, chronic fatigue and chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia.  Read Full Bio…

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Dr. Ann Marie Nguyen, ND

aims to integrate Western Medicine with Eastern and Naturopathic disciplines in her medical practice. While she maintains a general practice, she focuses in integrative & functional medicine, nutrition & lifestyle medicine, gastrointestinal dysfunction, allergies, endocrine disorders, pain management, acupuncture & Chinese medicine, anxiety, stress, depression, women’s health, detoxification, weight management. Read Full Bio…

Sarah Lee Kim, L.A.c.
loves promoting wellness and health to her patients. She is a skilled and compassionate provider of Eastern Medicine. Modalities of Eastern Medicine includes: Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Compound Herb therapy, dietary guidelines, breathing, and stress management. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chinese Culture and Language from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. After passing the California board and obtaining her license to practice, she has been serving the community of Beverly Hills, California under the umbrella of Cedar Sinai Health Associates, and a private group practice. Her experiences include treating celebrity clients, and participating in community health and wellness seminars. Read Full Bio…

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Justin Bethoney, NP

Justin has dedicated himself to learning more about the roots of psychiatric symptoms, functional medicine, and ancestral nutrition. He has developed and refined a functional medicine approach to common psychiatric problems that sees each patient as a unique individual with unique talents, aptitudes, and perspectives. Read Full Bio…

Traci Cray Adams

Promoting positive community experiences and personal empowerment through Reiki, Artistry and Education.

Traci has a passion for health, wellness and helping her clients cultivate an amazing life! As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Fine Artist and self-styled  “Kitchen Alchemist”, she draws on her empathic, intuitive nature and her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, to gain insights on how to best assist with what is in her clients’ highest alignment.  Read Full Bio.

Faye Batson

provides body work sessions that compass abdominal, Mayan fertility, Swedish, deep tissue, thai, lymphatic release, palpation, acupressure, chu-ka, sensory repattering, breathwork, and energetic modalities of reiki, cranial sacral, and chakra clearings. She also works on infants and kids. A session with Faye is much more than a therapeutic massage, she combines any of the healing moralities in a single session to meet the client’s needs. Read Full Bio