SouthBay Parkinson’s Solutions

When his father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Dr. Sandford felt that together, they could find a way to address this challenge by utilizing natural approaches to treatment. Recognizing the complexity of Parkinson’s disease, Dr. Sandford and his Dad realized that the core strategy was centered on nutrition, daily movement, supplements, some pharmaceuticals, and a positive attitude.

Twelve years post diagnosis, his father’s Parkinson’s has progressed slowerthan of any of his support group cohorts. Dr. Sandford and his family are convinced that these integrative treatments are the reason his father has had such a remarkable outcome.

Everything in your life is considered as we work with you to create your optimal path to health. Your sleep, digestion, elimination, aches, stress, happiness, energy, libido and more are all looked at as we work with you to develop a health plan that fits who you are today. As Parkinson’s is a community affair, we also work with loved ones and care partners to help ensure everyone involved is receiving optimal wellness and support.

Through partnering with your neurologist, primary care doctor and other healthcare practitioners, we strive ensure that you have coordinated access to all of the care that you need.

Treatments may include:

  • Digestive and elimination health
  • Nutrition guidance and support
  • Sleep quality therapies
  • Guided medication regimen modifications
  • General primary care medicine
  • Care partner wellness support
  • Pain management
  • Amino acid protocols
  • Herbal L-Dopa augmentation
  • Constitutional hydrotherapy
  • Specialty Parkinson’s specific IV therapies, including Dr. Perl mutter’s Glutathione protocols.
  • Personalized injection therapy
  • Specialized genetic, nutrient, digestive, heavy metal and hormone testing
  • And the key to all healthy treatments: daily movement


For more information, contact our office at 310.926.4415 and ask for a complimentary 15-minute phone consult with Dr. Sandford to discover you or your loved one’s options for Parkinson’s treatment.