Dr. Sandford’s Reviews

Hear what patients have to say about Dr. Sandford:


Outstanding Doctor

Dr. Sandford provided just what I was looking for: a comprehensive whole person approach to health. He took so much time to listen with care and insight to every detail and explained things with an impressive knowledge of science in terms that I could understand. At the end of each of appointment he provides an excellent summary of what we covered including clearly defined steps to achieve my objectives. It is so refreshing to have a doctor that is interested in working towards my health.


Health naturally restored!

One of the best decisions I have made for my health. Dr.Sandford helped me heal from ADHD medications that were making me sick. He tailored a regimen that works with my unique needs, and I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been! I am so grateful for Dr. Adam Sandford and staff!!



With a long history of failed treatments I came to the Wellness Center with a beaten mindset. Dr. Sandford intently listened to my detailed past of failed treatments and current health problems. After letting me unload everything he described a treatment plan targeting each of the problems I communicated. His plan was very detailed but he explained it perfectly giving me every opportunity to ask questions. Well, after 14 years of hardship I am actually seeing results. Crazy. Thank You


Game Changer

Seeing Dr. Sandford is the closest we’ve ever gotten to finding a solution to my husband’s chronic GI issues. For years, we saw top doctors in the Bay Area, and even visited the Mayo Clinic for help navigating his mysterious ailments. Dr. Sandford was able to quickly land on a diagnosis that we hadn’t come across yet, and the treatment protocol he prescribed started working immediately. This is the most relief we’ve had in years, and the most confident we’ve been that we’re on a path to recovery



I am always impressed by how Dr. Sandford is so organized and thorough with his thoughts and explanations. It helps immensely that he is so systematic when we are grappling with health issues that are so murky. Dr. Sandford is very responsive to email. He makes us feel like he is personally invested in our recovery, and that my husband is his only patient. It’s the antithesis of what you might expect from a typical doctor’s office.


So glad I made the appointment

Dr. Sandford was great! He really took the time with me to work through some fairly complex issues that I’ve been dealing with for years. I finally feel like I understand the issues and I’m on a path to controlling them. He really does great at checking in, sending an e-mail with the treatment plan and following up. I’m really grateful for Naturopathic Wellness Center and I plan to continue seeing Dr. Sandford in the future


Couldn’t ask for a better doctor!

I am young, but have been sick for many years. No one would help me, my labs were ‘acceptable’, yet I was so tired I could barely stand up and I was craving salty and sugary foods ALL THE TIME. Sleeping away my late teens and early twenties was not an option so I pushed myself even harder, gained weight, got acne….you name it.  Then I found Dr Adam. He listens intently, he trusts that I know myself, he is so respectful and is above and beyond the best doctor anyone could ask for. Changed my life!


Best decision I ever made for my health

I had been having gut and digestive problems for a long time and Dr Sandford helped me get things back in order. What I like the most about working with him is that he emails you regularly to check on you between visits. You can tell he cares about his patients. Also he always keeps himself informed about the latest medical information, treatments and supplements. When I go see a doctor, I like to know I’m getting the best treatment available. I’m glad I found Naturopathic Wellness Center!


Regaining full strength for competition

I compete in powerlifting events on a national and world level. Three years ago I had a heart operation and it has been a struggle to gain my weight and strength back again so that I can compete. At the beginning of 2014 I visited Naturopathic Wellness Center and asked for help to rebalance my nutrition levels and boost my testosterone levels. Dr. Adam Sandford designed a program of supplements that has helped me to again compete on a world level.


This Center is the best!

After becoming a bit frustrated with the level of care I was receiving from my current healthcare providers, I went looking for someone who would really listen to my concerns with an open mind and not just follow standard protocol dictated by insurance companies. I was so very blessed to find Dr. Adam Sandford at the Naturopathic Wellness Center.

On my initial visit he spend twice as long as I had scheduled getting an in-depth history, reviewing previous lab work, preforming tests, and answering numerous questions. He sent me away with a “wellness plan” that covered testing follow-up, nutritional advice, and supplements to use until our next visit. He has since followed up with me to ensure everything is going smoothly.

It’s only been a week since my visit and my energy level is already improving. It was refreshing to talk to a doctor genuinely interested in bringing me to optimal health and not just treating my symptoms!


I’d say more great things if I had more space!

I have begun menopause and my body is undergoing changes. I investigated a few holistic doctors and most were VERY costly and do not accept insurance. I found Naturopathic Wellness and decided to try them. It was a fantastic deal and resource. Dr Sandford was knowledgeable, patient and kind. He took time to explain issues and treatments with me. I have researched nutrition and natural cures and I was happy to know that Dr Sandford reinforced many of my findings.


Outstanding service

I was very impressed with Dr. Adam Sandford. He was thorough and very knowledgeable about nutrition and food allergies. He kept to the topics that I requested and made sure I understood the information. He and his staff were welcoming and helpful.


Fantastic and Kind 

I had my first visit the other day and I loved it. Dr. Adam was very sincere. The doctor was personable and really cared about what I had to say and my symptons. I was greeted warmly as I entered the place and felt very welcomed. I will return and tell others.


Comprehensive and Helpful

I met with Dr. Sandford to discuss issues with Acid Reflux and Sinuses; he really took the time to look at my history and ask questions to create a game plan of how to approach my health concerns. We came up with an approach that included some changes to diet, supplementation, and lifestyle that have helped already. 


Very Helpful

Dr Sandford was able to quickly zero in on my problem. He seemed very knowledgeable about what was happening and what would make me well. I am so glad that I found him.


Go here to get your health back!

I’m so glad I started coming here. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Abercrombie. I also see Dr. Sandford at times for IVs and shots. They both with my work schedule. I’m feeling much better since I started coming here. Finally, I found doctors that listen and truly care about me as a human being. Before I came here, I only saw MDs. Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling so ill for the last few years. I’m glad I’m finally feeling relief and progress with my health.


Excellent experience! Knowledgeable staff share natural remedies for a variety of ills!

Received a thorough exam and follow up and gained valuable insight into opportunities to have better health and quality of life raised!


On the right track

With Dr Sandford, I feel I am getting healthy in a natural way. I am very encouraged by my progress so far. I plan to continue seeing him for my health needs. Thank you!



Dr. Adam Sanford was very knowledgeable and had great insight into what I was thinking and how my treatments should progress. I am very lucky to have stumbled on to his practice! I look forward to the combined synergy to help migrate me through menopause and well being.


Very Helpful

I thought my eval was very thorough and made sense. I appreciated the feedback and recommendations. I have gotten immediate results from the supplements. Looking forward to continuing and finding the outcome of my eval and labs



I have visited Dr. Adam Sandford for vitamin injections. Naturopathic Wellness Center is a great place for that and other care! Their name really describes their practice.Their office is very comfortable and centered around treating patients with a naturopathic approach. I’m very inspired by them and extremely grateful for their care.


Very Professional and Informative

Dr. Sandford was very knowledgeable regarding my condition and pointed me in a direction that I think will be very helpful. I appreciate his time! 


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