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I recommend Dr. Hillary Martin highly. I originally went to see Dr. Martin with my 10 year old son who was experiencing chronic congestion. I was unfamiliar with Naturopathy but I felt frustrated that our pediatrician could only recommend Nasonex and allergy testing. I imagined my boy on steroids and I knew that treating the symptoms wasn’t really going to fix anything.  Dr. Martin did a very thorough evaluation and spent a lot of time asking Donovan exploratory questions. She ran a test for food allergies/sensitivities and came up with a thoughtful plan for boosting Donovan’s immune system naturally. I feel like Donovan now has a doctor who is intelligently engaged in a process with us. -S. S.

I met with Dr. Martin while Dr. Abercrombie was on maternity leave. She was warm, thorough (I had an annual female exam), answered all my questions completely, and had good suggestions for my ongoing care. She gave me extra time without grudging, as I live in Mexico and can’t have a return visit for awhile. I’ve had naturopathic care for about 15 years in two cities and Dr. Martin shows all the strengths of this kind of medicine. I definitely would go back to her or refer others to her. -L.B.

I highly recommend Dr. Martin to anyone! It is nice having a health professional who is willing to work with you, truly cares, and  -wants to see you succeed! -E.P.

The first day I met Dr. Martin, I left her office with a massive sense of optimism and relief.  It was almost as if a huge weight was lifted, and I thought, “I am finally going to get the help I’ve been needing and wanting for years.”  Since I have started seeing her, my health has improved tremendously.  I have more energy, my skin has started to clear up, my candida is much more under control, and I have a much better understanding of what’s going on inside my body.  Optimal health is a journey, and I feel so fortunate and lucky to have Dr. Martin guide me along the way. -A.K.

Patient diagnosed with HPV CIN2:
I’m writing this email with a smile on my face.  I just received my results which show that my biopsies(colposcopy) are completely benign and that I should return in a year for my next PAP smear. Thanks so much Dr. Martin for your time, guidance, and expert knowledge.  The process seemed extensive but if I had to do it all over again I would! *name removed to protect patient confidentiality

I went to her for symptoms of a modern lifestyle:  a family history of high cholesterol, low energy and frequent everyday illnesses…  Today I am a new person.  I have more energy, have not been sick since and am the first in my family to bring chronic high cholesterol without drugs. To give some frame of reference, I am not a health nut and I am not an avid advocate of alternative medicine.  Dr. Martin was realistic in her assessment of lifestyle changes for me and that has been a big part of my success story.  Thrilled to say at 45 yrs old — I feel better than I have in years.  Thanks Doc! -C.L.

Beyond a select handful of physical therapy regimes, Dr. Martin’s treatments have been the only ones to noticeably help me and she is the most compassionate and attentive doctor I’ve ever seen; she actually sits and listens to you, sometimes for hours, and is genuinely interested in your well being. She’s gone above and beyond in terms of researching my illness and making herself available to me for questions and paperwork and a whole host of other things. -S.X.

I have had horrible eczema my entire life to the point where some days I don’t go to work because it looks so bad and is painful. After taking a food allergy test I watched my symptoms disappear almost within the week. I have been off of my steroid creams completely. Actually, my over all immune system seems better, I haven’t gotten sick this year at all. THANK YOU THANK YOU -A.P.

When I discovered I had a three inch cyst on one of my ovaries I knew immediately that Dr. Hillary Martin would be the perfect person to consult.  Dr. Martin’s consultations are thorough and holistic, and I believe that she is an intuitive healer…  I can say honestly that working with Dr. Martin saved me… Since I started working with her in May I have had none of the almost 5 day per week anxiety attacks I was having.  My energy has sky-rocketed, my sexual energy has returned, and I bound out of bed excitedly each morning after good sound sleep…   Dr. Martin has helped me tap into my own intuition and to listen deeply to my own needs.  I highly recommend Dr. Martin if you are seeking to truly heal. She is an angel, a saving grace.  She is kind, sweet and nurturing, and she genuinely cares about people being well. *name removed to protect patient confidentiality


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