Cervical Dysplasia, HPV, and CIN

Receiving the diagnosis of cervical dysplasia can be mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging. Whetheror not you have CIN I, II, or III, your body needs extra support, nourishment, and loving care. The good news about this diagnosis is that, despite what many health professionals say, cervical dysplasia is easily treatable. Because each person has a unique body, there is no one treatment for everybody. Each treatment is individualy designed based upon the degree of change in the cells, your overall health, and the type of treatment that you want to pursue.

Treatments range from the escharotic treatment, specially formulated vaginal suppositories, integrative care for those who need more invasive procedures such as the LEEP, clinical nutrition, lifestyle modification, vitamins, herbs, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, body work, and flower essences. Our goal is to address your predisposition, support your body’s innate ability to heal and to throw off the HPV infection, support your vaginal ecology and immunity, support healthy replication of cells, and if needed, remove the cells that are changed with treatments that cause the least amount of scarring such as an escharotic treatment or vaginal suppositories.