Cancellation Policy

Your time is very valuable to us. Appointment times can be long, are typically back to back, and tend to fill up quickly. We often have patients with acute issues on a wait list for appointments. Please be courteous and allow 48 hours for cancellations and appointment reschedules. If your appointment is on a Monday, Tuesday, or follows a holiday, you may call and leave a message informing of your cancellation on our office voice mail or you may send an email to If you attempt to cancel or reschedule within that 48 hour period, there is a fee. Please see our financial policies for more information.

Nutritional IVs are prepared the morning of the patient’s appointment and must be discarded that day even if they are not used. Because of this, we require at least 24 hours notice for IV therapy appointment cancellations. 

We are a full service medical office. We are available in between appointments for questions pertaining to treatment and general inquiries. All of our doctors and staff attempt to respond to patients needs to the best of our ability and in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of care and providing the most knowledgeable, research-based answers we can. That being said, we also see a high-volume of patients and providing quality, individualized care requires thought and research. Your patience is appreciated while waiting to receive responses via phone and email as well as your willingness to schedule an appointment should your question require an in-depth discussion. If you are encountering a true medical emergency, we advise to call 911 or visit your nearest urgent care center. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We appreciate and respect all of our patients. We are grateful every day to be in a profession where we can provide answers to health concerns that have not been previously found while teaching and inspiring others to take charge of their health and feel their best!