Our Philosophy


philosophy nawellness.comAs a practitioner, we look at the entire body, head to toe, inside and out.  We have to understand every aspect of your body to give you the treatment that is best for you.  Everyone is a unique individual.  Everyone has a unique combination of health factors.  We can have 5 patients walk into the clinic with identical looking eczema, but all 5 are going to receive unique treatments because each one will have a different root issue that is driving the eczema forward.

Our goal with all of our patients is to stop the progression of dysfunction and create a healthy foundation in the body.  To do that, you have to change how the body responds to stressors, whether physical or emotional.  Examples of stress in the body include mental stress, inflammation, chronic infections, environmental toxins, fluctuating blood sugar, allergies, adrenal fatigue, and dysbiosis in the gut.  The body is like a cup that can handle only a certain amount of stress before it tips over and you see the cup spill over, or your see signs of illness and disease. Therefore when we approach health and disease, we have to look at how much stress is affecting the body, why the body can’t adapt correctly, how the environment is affecting your physiology and genetic expression, and what factors are blocking the ability of your body to heal.

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The  body wants to heal.  If you remove barriers to healing, address any underlying nutritional deficiencies, address epigenetics and how the environment is affecting your gene expression, and then effectively support the body’s innate ability to heal, you can change the expression of disease, build a healthy terrain, and re-create healthy physiological responses.  Creating health is also about enjoying all aspects of life and striking a balance between work and play, creating time for yourself and self-expression, family and friends, your community, love and romance, learning and teaching, finances and career, exercise and play time, and spending time outdoors.  Just as important, we have to learn to love ourselves, process unresolved emotions, and forgive the past.